When we have volatile days, up or down, it’s easy to think the pendulum swing has begun and it will never stop. But if history has shown us anything, that is not the case. The pendulum swings both ways. And over time, the advances have far outlived the declines.

We recently shared an essay illustrating the importance of why we believe it is critically important to stay invested – through both the ups and the downs of the market. While today’s headlines may be filled with negative news, this essay shows how quickly things can change! Time in the market is far more important than trying to time the market ups and downs. (If you’d like a copy, send us a message, an email, or give us a call)

Remember, you own investments tailored around a financial plan built upon your own individual dreams and goals. While it’s never fun to see investments decline in the short-term, history has shown that staying invested has rewarded investors in the long run.

Your plan wasn’t created with just days, weeks, or months in mind. Your plan was created to help you reach your dreams and goals for years to come!  

Remember, we are here to help you stay focused on your plan! Give us a call if you need to talk things through!