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National High Five Day

Each year on the third Thursday in April, we observe National High Five Day. Typically, this is a fun day where you can “High Five” everyone that you see.  🙌Of course, it’s a little different this year.
We can’t exactly High Five each other right now, so know that we’re sending you a virtual one. We’re especially high-fiving our local and national USPS workers right now. From the census to the November election, the Postal Service is critical to American democracy and day-to-day function.
Like so many businesses, the United States Postal Service has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Mail volume is down nearly a third over this time last year and continues to fall. These men and women work tirelessly to fulfill our essential need for the postal service. 
This year, the Postal Service is also playing an expanded role in sustaining democracy. In the new world of social distancing, mail-in and absentee voting are crucial to ensuring that Americans do not have to risk their lives to cast their votes.
Whatever your hobby is right now, see if you can turn it into a sweet Thank You for your local postal worker. Maybe sew them a mask, make an ear-saver for those pesky mask straps, or even a carefully-made bag of baked goods. Let’s show them how much we appreciate their unwavering dedication and service.
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