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How about those Dawgs?

Baseball is often called the Great American Pastime…and wow, if this year's College World Series wasn't a fantastic way to head into summer and lazy, hazy days! Nothing like a championship to lighten the mood even when the temperature is soaring.

Some of my fondest memories were spent at the baseball park, either watching the Memphis Blues, theAtlanta Braves, or one of the many little league teams my daddy coached. Of course, baseball games were one of our favorite pastimes. So, I couldn't let the time when Yogi Berra was recognized on a postage stamp go by without realizing his wisdom! And so much of it has to do with the sound rules of financial planning:


  • The future ain’t what it used to be.(Interest rates are at historical lows. The stock market is in record territory, and the prognosticators don’t know which way to turn. They tell you to run. Wait go back. Stop.We believe Yogi would say you gotta hit the ball, you gotta catch the ball, and you gotta run...well, maybe it wasn't Yogi that said that, but the game of baseball doesn't change that much. Year in and year out…hitting, fielding, and running are the fundamentals. Have a game plan. Like Coach Lemonis and the Bulldogs did.)
  • A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.(Truer truths have never been spoken. What costs a nickel at the beginning of retirement will likely cost a dime near the end of retirement. Invest inside your plan to have the money you need for every single inning. Some innings are better, some are worse. But it’s the scoreboard at the end of 9 that matters.)
  • We made too many wrong mistakes.  (Wow. Well, we know to buy low, sell high. But sometimes, we want to do the opposite—wrong mistake number one.  Time is more important than timing. But it feels like we should be able to pick the right time!  Wrong mistake number two.  Focus on the end of the game, not the first inning. But it’s tempting to live in the moment, not all nine innings. Wrong mistake number three. Three wrong mistakes can mean, three strikes and you’re out!)
  • And lastly, if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. (As your coaches, we remind you as often as we can……have a game plan! The Dawgs wanted to end up in Omaha, with a trophy at the end. And their game plan turned that dream into reality.)
  • We hope this lighthearted way of remembering baseball rules from our friend Yogi might be a needed 7th inning stretch!
  • Call us anytime. We are here to help!


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