As we celebrated Easter a little over a week ago, I realized we have our folks focus on the decades.  Because only occasionally do days mean a lot. Like the three days between Despair and Hope. Hate and Love. Those three days meant so much because they meant eternity. There are other times when a day means a lot. Wedding Days. The Day a Baby is Born. The Day a Grandchild is Born. The Day we Retire. Those days mean love and joy for many decades. 
Often when you ask us, should we do something. We ask have your dreams changed? Has your life changed? Have those days that mean the most to you changed? Headlines will scare you into thinking all the things I care most about are now in danger…there is despair. I’m afraid that there is not hope. That I don’t have the days needed.
Our easiest answer would be to tell you, let’s do something. You will feel better if you do but we know doing something can ruin your plans. We know that there will be wolves in sheep’s clothing, telling you there is a more comfortable way. There isn’t. 
Reaching all the things we want most in life require time, faith, and hope in the future. We know those are requirements for the most important things of life.